Friday, February 26, 2016

Tomorrow is My Brother's Birthday Party!

By Jeremiah the fifth grader

As I said in the title, tomorrow is my brother's birthday party, and I am so excited! We have a LOT to do to prepare for the party! We have to make, bake, and decorate the cake, we have to clean, and we have to put up the decorations. We are are planing on doing some Super Smash Brothers, then after some of that, cake,and ice-cream, presents, then more Super Smash Brothers!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

What Happened on My 12th Birthday

By Josh

Hello! You are currently looking at text that was written by a brand new 12 year old! As the title states, this blog post is about what happened on my birthday. If you didn't see the title then now you know. Here is what happened:
5:45: I wake up
6:45: I fall back asleep
7:30: I am re-awoken by my family coming in singing "Happy Birthday To You". Dad is holding homemade Maple and Chocolate (not Maple-Chocolate. Half of them are Maple and half of them are Chocolate) donuts that are shaped to spell "HAPPY 12th B-DAY JOSHUA" (now the donuts spell "H 2 B JOUA")
8:00: Dad goes to work
8:15: Jeremiah brings in a piece of paper and an envelope. He asks me "Present or Cursive first?" I say "Cursive" and he hands me the piece of paper. It reads "Happy Birthday Bro!" in cursive. Next, he hands me the envelope. I open the envelope and it has a card inside. The card has about 5 different pictures of Yoshi on it. Inside it says "I'm going to get you the Bayonetta and Clock Tower Smash Bros. DLC!" (We don't play Bayonetta games. He just got it because it is the newest SSB DLC)
8:30: We start playing with the new DLC Jeremiah got me.
10:15: We start getting ready to go
10:16: Nathaniel starts being a pain
10:45: Dad gets home
11:30: We get going to go find 4 Geocaches and then place our cache
11:45: We get out to find Geocache #1 of the day
11;50: We find it
11:52: We get back in car to go to Geocache #2
12:01: We reach what we thought was going to be Geocache #2 until we find out it's in a parking garage
12:04: We reach a different Geocache #2
12:22: We find it
12:24: We get going to Nicks Jr. for lunch
12:50: We get going to Geocache #3
12:54: We reach Geocache #3
12:55: We find Geocache #3
12:57: We get going to Geocache #4
1:00: We reach Geocache #4
1:04: We find Geocache #4
1:06: We go home
1:21: We get home
1:45: Nathaniel takes a nap
2:00: Jeremiah and I are allowed to play for another hour
3:10: I open the other presents and get this list: $40, A game called Ivan's Hinge, A math coloring book, and a Playstation Plus 1 Year Membership
3:30: We get done with the PS Plus stuff and Dad teaching me about it
3:45: We start looking for a place to hide our Geocache
4:00: We find the perfect place
4:45: We finish posting our Geocache
5:15: I start reading in my room
6:30: I have dinner
6:45: I go to my youth group
8:00: I have a cupcake
8:35: I go home
8:55:We read
9:15: I talk with Mom
10:00: I go to bed
This concludes my birthday. I had a good time. I hope you enjoyed the blog post. The Cache we made is this.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Favorite Under 5 Minute Timed Game

By Josh

This is easily my favorite game that I have done on The fact that we managed to get this done in a 3 minute timer is still blowing my mind today! Here is the game. (I played mathkid1)

mathkid1 (1292) vs. Baba_Gana (1124)

1. e4, e5 2. Nf3, Nc6 3. Nc3, Nf6 4. Bc4, Be7 5. d3 0-0 6. 0-0, Re8 7. d4, Na5 8. dxe5, Nxc4 9. exf6, Bxf6 10. Bf4, d6
10... Nxb2 would have been much better
11. b3 (I remember saying "DIE KNIGHT!" after this, but now I realize 11... Bxc3.) 11... Nb6 12. Qd2, Bg4 13. Rae1, Bxf3 14. gxf3, Be5 15. Bxe5, Rxe5 16. Nd5, Nxd5 17. exd5, Qg5+ 18. Kh1, Rxd5 19. Qxg5, Rxg5 20. Re2, h6
Saving the isolated King
21. Rfe1, Kh7 22. Re8, Rxe8 23. Rxe8, Rd5 24. Re7, Rd1+ 25. Kg2, Rc1 26. Rxc7, Re1 27. Rxb7, Re2 28. Rxa7, Rxc2 29. Rxf7, Rxa2 30. Rd7, Rb2
Starting here we are in time-trouble
31. Rxd6, Rxb3 32. Rd2, Rb7 33. Kg3, Rf7 34. f4, g6 35. Kg4, h5+ 36. Kg5, Rg4 37. Kh4, Rxf4+ 38. Kg3, h4+ 39. Kg2, Rg4+ 40. Kh3, Rf4
I am getting in some trouble here
41. Kg2, g5 42. Rd7+, Kg6 43. f3, Kf5 44. h3, Rf8 45. Rh7+, Kg6 46. Re7, Kf6 47. Ra7, Rf7 48. Ra6+ Kf5 49 Ra5+, Kf4 50. Ra4+, Kf5
Hoping to win on time here
51. Ra2, Kg6 52. Ra3 Kf5 53. Rb3, Ke6 54. Rb4, Rf5 55. Re4+, Kf6 56. Rc4, Re5 57. Rc6+, Re6 58. Rxe6+, Kxe6 59. Kf2, Kd5 60. Ke3, Kc4
This move just decided the whole game
61. f4, Kc3 62. fxg5, Kc2 63. Kf4, Kb2 64. Kg4, Kc2 65. Kxh4 BLACK RUNS OUT OF TIME
I had it in the bag here
That's it, everybody! My favorite super-fast game. I hope you enjoyed it!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Chickens Are Awesome!

By Jeremiah the fifth grader

Whenever you need company, and they are okay with it you can catch one and pet it! When mom boots us outside, sometimes we catch one(, or two ), hold it, and pet it. Once you buy them and raise them ( I'd suggest you get three or  more, because just like you chickens can get lonely too, and you can buy them almost all the way grown!) you get free eggs until they stop laying! We have three chickens and we're taking in about two eggs per day! Chickens are SO much fun to give treats to! I was thinking about making a "For-the-birds Feeder"from the ''Cheerio Cookbook'' but instead of putting birdseed, putting some chicken treat mix on it. Chickens are awesome, and if you want to try it out for yourself, you can, if its legal where you live!

Lego Dimensions Is Awesome!

By Jeremiah the fifth grader
Lego Dimensions is awesome we have a bunch of characters and I mean a BUNCH of characters, and here I'll  put a picture of the base:

these are all of the people, and when they come out

If you have played portal 2: 
Image result for portal 2
there is a LOT of stuff you need the portal 2 pack for! I just bought the Scooby-Doo and Shaggy team pack and it is quite useful, and I mean it! What I think the pack that is most useful would have to be the wonder woman fun pack! I am going to list off all of the characters that are out right now Batman Gandalf, andWyldstyle come in the starter pack Marty Mcfly (BttF) Chell (portal 2) Homer (simsons) Owen (jurassic) ACU Trooper (jurassic) Scooby-doo (Scooby) shaggy ( Scooby) wonder woman (DC) Cyborg (DC) Emmet (Lego movie) Bad Cop (Lego movie) benny (Lego movie) Jay (ninjago) nya (ninjago) zane (ninjago) gollum (LotR) legolas (LotR) gimly (LotR) laval (Chima) Cragger (Chima) Eris (Chima) Wicked Witch (Oz) The docter (Dr. who) cole (ninjago) Kai (ninjago) bart (simsons) Krusty (simsons) unikitty (Lego movie)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Tips for Minecraft Combat

By Josh

Hi! I am here writing this blog post about Minecraft Combat (hence the title) and I am just trying to use them well. I hope these tips help up your combat. There is one thing that you need to do to help, PRACTICE! These tips will only help you a little if you don't try them out! Here they are.

  • Try to sneak up on people, there are plenty of ways, but you just need to choose one
  • Try to get free hits in, as they will set your opponent lower then you, and you will have a higher chance of winning. Jumping works miracles at doing this.
  • In a rough map, platforming is key. You don't want to take fall damage where your opponent did!
  • Yet again, stealth works well.
  • Try to run circles around monsters (besides Endermen or Creepers) and hit them while they can't hit you
  • Don't get stuck in water (except if you're fighting Endermen, in that case you DO want to be in water) while they're out of it. this creates problems where there weren't any.
  • Snipe from high up
  • Try to shoot fully charged shots FAST
  • Don't shoot at any angle higher then 45 degrees
  • Snipe from at least 32 blocks away
  • Try to shoot fully charged shots FAST
  • Don't shoot at any angle higher then 45 degrees
  • Don't shoot Endermen

Grammy and Papa are comin' to town

By Josh

Hi! How is everybody? (Please don't try to yell through the screen. I tried it and it never works. Unless you want to get annoyed neighbors which is nice!) So, later today (around 6-ish) our Grammy and Papa are going to arrive and stay here for 1 1/2 weeks (exactly)! Grammy has cancer so this is going to be (unless a miracle happens) the last time we see her (in person). I'm hoping that this will be a fun time even with everything that is going on. We don't have many (not nothing, we do have a few) plans. So, I will try to be as positive as I possibly can while they are here. I hope everybody will also have a good week (and a half (-:)! Blog Post end.

12th Birthday: Coming Soon to Me

By Josh

Hello! As you heard from the title, my birthday is coming soon! Feb. 24 is when my age goes from 11 to 12! The one thing I can never do is to be awake the minute that I was born (4:27 AM). I have never gotten even REMOTELY close (Curse you sleepiness!)! My party will be on the 27th and will be Super Smash Brothers themed! We will be doing it rather small because next year will be a big year. I will be looking forward to it until it happens. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post!

Calvin and Hobbes

By Jeremiah the fifth grader

"Calvin and Hobbes" is a old school comic strip. They took a bunch of them, and made them into books. We just got a new one, it's called: "Something Under the Bed is Drooling." If you go to a local thrift store, and go to the humor section of the book part of the store enough, odds are you are going find quite a few of them (we go to the Value Village near us).  We have quite the collection of Calvin and Hobbes books. I'm going list off all of our books. We  have: "Calvin and Hobbes," the "Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book," "Yukon Ho!," "The Essential Calvin and Hobbes," "The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes," "Weirdos From Another Planet!," "There's Treasure Everywhere," and "The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes."

Friday, February 5, 2016

Josh's Birthday is Coming Soon!

By Jeremiah the fifth grader

Josh's Birthday is coming soon, and I don't know what to get him! Josh says he feels good about his Birthday, but I'm excited! For Josh's party we are going to do a Super Smash Brothers (SSB) party!
Image result for Super Smash Brothers
We are going to have cake, ice cream, playing Super Smash Brothers, trampoline bouncing, presents and last but not least... FUN!