Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nana and Papa are coming here next Sunday evening!!!

By Jeremiah the 4th grader

As I said in the title Nana and Papa are coming February 15th 2015! That's only 2 days from now! YAY! I can't wait to see them and play with them and wake them up and possibly sled with them!  We have a guest bed so that guests can sleep on a proper bed.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Future Plans for My 11th B-Day

By Joshua, the 6th grader
Well, one thing we know about my b-day party is that it's Harry Potter themed! Another thing we 100% sure about is that it's on Feb. 20. We're 90% sure that we'll be doing Quiddich. Hopefully this b-day party  will be O.K! 

Nintendo Headquarters and Microsoft Visitor Center Field Trip

By Jeremiah the 4th grader

Yesterday was very fun. We went to the Nintendo Headquarters and Microsoft Visitor Center.
 The thing that stunk about going to Nintendo is that the only ways to get a tour is to either have a friend or family member that works there or by winning tickets for a tour.
We did get official cards that shows that we went to Nintendo.
 My favorite part about going to the Microsoft Visitor Center was trying out the video games on the Xbox One/360.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Places I want to take Nana and Papa

by Jeremiah the 4th grader

Nana and Papa are coming to visit so this is what I've thought up for places to take them.
These are the places that I would like to take Nana and Papa: Nick's Jr, the taco truck, Pike Place Market, maybe the zoo.
We would like to take them to our church that we go to (Grove Church). I'm very sure that our Children's pastor, Patty, will be thrilled to see our Nana and Papa all the way up here because they're from California.
We could take them down the street to meet Michael, our friend.
I'd like Nana to take us to the Children's museum.

Birthday Soon

By Josh, the 6th grader

Well, It's been 18 days since x-mas and I'm already worried about my birthday! It's coming up in aproximately 1 month and I'm already preparing for it! I already know the theme of the party (Harry Potter) and my Mom bought us tickets to Alton Brown Live! So I'm excited times 1000!