Friday, March 28, 2014

Alfy's Pizza Tour

by Joshua

We took a tour of a pizza place called Alfy's Pizza.It has really good pizza and they only have 4 pizza delivery guys!
I took some pictures on the tour and I put them down below.

 They have TONS of toppings!

on average they use 100 pizza boxes a day*

 This is the oven they cook the pizza in!

*On the tour they said 700 a week

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jack- Part 2

In part 1 we learned that Jack didn't want a brother. He wanted a sister. The sister ended up being Jackie. Unfortunately Jackie weighed 10 more pounds than Jack did when he was a baby and was much fatter. She got her own private room that Jack couldn't go in, unfortunately.
He tried to build a huge vacuum but when he was halfway done his Mom said, "No no no no no. You're supposed to be protecting her." Then he showed his Mom his angry face. He was told to go to his room. When his Mom told him to go to his room his Mom also told him to go do something in his room for an hour. It was a good thing he had his own computer.

Pi day special

π is the sixteenth letter of the Greek Alphabet but is commonly known for the number pi witch is equal to,
Did you know that Albert Einstein's b-day is the same day as pi day?

* If you want more digits of pi go to

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a learning website founded when Salman Khan (aka Sal) had a granddaughter who was in a different state and needed help with math so Sal sent her videos to help her and then those videos went onto YouTube and they were big hits and a few years later Sal made Khan Academy.
Now in 2014 it's a HUGE hit there are 100's of 1000's of members on Khan Academy and there are >5000 videos and there are these things called skills that are basically tests to earn you these things called energy points that if you have enough energy points you can unlock avatars(they go in the front of your profile and they aren't one of those things that you buy the avatar and don't think how in the world am I going to get 250,000 energy points? because if you get a skill correctly done 5 questions in a row with no mistakes you get 600 energy points and 750 energy points for watching a video) and you can also earn badges that give you energy points and I'll leave the rest for you to explore on your own and here's our profiles:
Jeremiah's profile(the 7 year old)
My profile(the 10 year old)