Thursday, December 18, 2014

Buying Gifts for Everyone is a Pain in the rear end updated

By Jeremiah the 4th grader

Buying gifts for everyone is a pain that is finally over! YAY! I'm very sure that Dad will like his present, Mom will like her present, Josh will like his present and Nathaniel will like his present. To other branches of our family tree we are sending boxes with hot cocoa supplies      
and other gifts. To our neighbors we are going to do Oreo and Nutter Butter truffles with handcraft handcrafted star ornaments!

The Last Week Til' Christmas for Me!

By Joshua, the 6th grader

Let's see, I got my mom *beep*, my dad *beep*, Jeremiah *beep*, and Nathaniel *beep*! Sorry! My "Present checker" (basically me) didn't want me to write down what they'll get from me! But hey, I still have gotten everyone presents a week ahead of time! So now I can relax and enjoy the excitement for Christmas! I think I'll write down who got what for Christmas the first day I get back in school (Jan. 5!) However, the Amazon pop-up has popped up 202 times! (It tells me how many!) Pottermore has taken advantage of this time by adding on new stuff! They also gave 300 galleons to every single user on Pottermore! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Getting Christmas Gifts for Everyone is A Pain in the Rear End!!!

By Jeremiah ,the 4th Grader

I'M NOT KIDDING!!! It is a pain in the rear end and I only have 2 people done! I'm so doomed! I think I have the hard part done which is very good.

Our Chickens Laying in Winter

by Jeremiah, the 4th grader

I can't believe that our chickens are laying in winter! It's very uncommon for chickens to lay in winter so i'm very excited! So far we have 2 edible eggs but sadly the first egg froze. I can't guess how big our chickens are. They are so big!

The Story of JimmyCricket217 (unofficial Minecraft book) Chapter 6: The Arena

By Josh, the 6th grader

JimmyCricket217 realized that he went a little over the top in anger. "Creeperhiss killed by SUPERPIGEON!" "Super pigeon?" thought JimmyCricket217 "That guy must love pigeons!" "Attention all survivors!" said Haybale "Your numbers have already gone down by 50! So, I'm making you all TP" (it means teleport, not toilet paper) "to the same Jungle biome!" Instantly he teleported to an amazing Jungle, with lava, villages, even Jungle temples! "Do not try to escape, I blew up the rest of the world!" Suddenly, there was a distant boom, then BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! JimmyCricket217 was 1 block away from being destroyed! "AstroManiac, ESCAPEE15234, Calabunga!, and Super Stupendous Steve all died in the explosion!" He then said "Watch out, there are 1 block holes to the void everywhere!" "Game On!" said A123456789. Then he saw a gold armored guy with an iron golem coming after him, then falling in a hole "Butter King fell in hole!" "This won't be as easy as I thought!" said JimmyCricket217 as he began making a beam. Suddenly, a flaming arrow whizzed past him, then 5 more simultaneously came at him! "There must be 5 people attacking me!" thought JimmyCricket217, then he remembered that he did have a map and 4 buckets of lava. So he crouched and put a bucket of lava on each end of the pole and watched it go down onto the 5 players (on his map) and 3 extra players that were sneaking up on the 5. "Are, Air, Thing1, Thing2, Thing3, Mr. Sneaky, YouWon'tLikeMe, and Withered Herbs killed by JimmyCricket217!" "acartridgeinapeartree fell into hole!" "New most kills! 1. Killing Machine(dead), 35 2. JimmyCricket217, 33 3. arachniddestroyer, 26 4. ThatGuyOverThere(dead), 15 5. Spare Death, 12."

The Story of JimmyCricket217 (unofficial Minecraft book) Chapter 5: The Realization

by Joshua, the 6th grader

Once he had finished off VillageLover there was a message that popped up and said Haybale: (he's the founder of this competition) "There are only 100 people left out of the 1,065 people to begin with! The winner will get $100!" Then JimmyCricket217 realized, that VillageLover and Killing Machine weren't trying to kill him for his stuff, they were trying to win! Then Haybale said, "I'll report who died and who killed him/her - Roddy killed by Not Steve! Here are the top killers and the most kills will win $50! 1. Killing Machine(dead), 35 2. Arachniddestroyer, 26 3. JimmyCricket217, 24 4. Spare Death, 12 5. Jouster Steve(dead), 9." JimmyCricket217 felt good that he was 3rd place, but surprised that Killing Machine was in 1st. Just then, "AboveInfinity killed by ThatGuyOverThere!" "JayJayJayJayJayJay killed by ThatGuyOverThere!" "FreckleDude123 killed by ThatGuyOverThere!" "MINE! killed by ThatGuyOverThere!" Then he saw ThatGuyOverThere battling Arch-nemesis, then "Arch-nemesis killed by ThatGuyOverThere!" So JimmyCricket217 found a splash potion of weakness and knew what to do. He went over to ThatGuyOverThere and splashed it on him which made his attacks 1/2 of what they're supposed to be. Then JimmyCricket217 hit him over and over again, but then me^infinite came out and finished ThatGuyOverThere off and "ThatGuyOverThere killed by me^infinite!" So then JimmyCricket217 killed me^infinite in 3 swift blows, then "me^infinite killed by JimmyCricket217!"

The Story of JimmyCricket217 (unofficial Minecraft Book) Chapter 4: The Village

By Joshua, the 6th grader

"I don't believe I lost my house!" said JimmyCricket217. He decided to go to the desert after a long time of looking for his lost house. On the way he found a group of leather armor users. They tried to kill him with their Stone swords but ultimately failed to do so before he killed them with his Diamond sword. As nighttime approached he finally found a village that he could live in. As he went he found out he wasn't the only one who wanted to live in a village as he found a user with complete Iron armor with the username of VillageLover and wanted the village all to himself. To do that would mean that JimmyCricket217 would have to die. So JimmyCricket217 quickly dug a hole 3 blocks down that VillageLover fell into and filled it up with sand which sunk onto VillageLover which killed the user.

The Story of JimmyCricket217 (unofficial Minecraft Book) Chapter 3: The Group of Monsters

By Joshua, the 6th grader

JimmyCricket217 was feeling much safer wearing diamond armor. Suddenly he found the old group of monsters, "Hey look it's them again," said JimmyCricket217, "Oh great, now they have 12 spiders, 20 zombies, 15 skeletons, 7 creepers, and a spider jockey. A SPIDER JOCKEY!" Then they noticed him.
He started running like crazy again. As he was running his food bar went low. He slowed down, he picked up a music disc from a creeper and ate but then they started attacking each other! He got in the frenzy and then they remembered what they where doing and started chasing him again, but they were low in numbers and were all killed. All that was left was the creepers and they chased him into the Taiga biome and then were killed. He then couldn't find his way home.

The Story of JimmyCricket217 (unofficial Minecraft Book) Chapter 2: The Big Sprint

By Joshua, the 6th grader

Killing Machine was going 2 blocks when JimmyCricket217 went 1. He only had iron armor! He then remembered that he had made a house full of TNT in case of something like this! He quickly faked a left and went right, totally fooling Killing Machine and opening the gap 30 more blocks, just enough to get to the TNT house. He dodged a skeleton arrow, but then it hit Killing Machine, opening the gap 5 more block and wearing down his armor. Now the skeleton was much more interested in getting Killing Machine, so JimmyCricket217 quickly ate a steak and the chase was on again! Killing Machine couldn't eat now, so every heart down was permanent until he ate, so that balanced the scales. When he got to the house he lit the TNT and ran out the back entrance. Killing Machine went in and when the house exploded it said "Killing Machine died". He went over and he saw Killing Machine's armor and sword, nothing else survived. He got the armor and put it on. When he got the sword he found out it was named "Kindness." Very funny, Killing Machine. After that he headed home but this is only the beginning of the story.

The Story of JimmyCricket217 (unofficial Minecraft Book) Chapter 1: Meet JimmyCricket217

By Joshua, the 6th grader

Larry liked Pinocchio. "So, why do I need to know that when this is a book about Minecraft?" you might ask. Well it explains why his username is "JimmyCricket217". He used a popular unorganized PvP world and had a nice, cobblestone house with a resource hole that, if anyone fell in, would get a free trip to a bedrock tunnel, full of flowing water with lava on the ceiling and then the "Game Over" screen. The hoppers would bring the resources to the chest, waiting to be collected. So you can see that he is a skilled miner. "Today is average," he said. "Rotten flesh," (he always finds it, and already has a whole large chest full of it) "dirt, gravel, flint, gold ingots. GOLD INGOTS! Score!" He has been working on making a room coated in Blocks of Gold. "Let's see, there's also arrows, a bow, 3 stone swords, iron ingots, and 3 stacks of cobblestone." He then went out at night and he found 3 spiders, 8 zombies, 4 skeletons, and 2 creepers in one area, then ran like crazy, Looked behind him, and saw a user 20 blocks behind him. His username was "Killing Machine", had diamond armor, diamond sword, and a splash potion of slowness.

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Minecraft Action Novel! Chapter 1: Meet Steve8681 and his Team

By Jeremiah the 4th Grader

This is Steve8681.

(image found here

 Steve is part of a team, and that team is a treasure hunting team. The boss of the team is Bill707, and there's also Luke8784, Alex563, Joseph91, Caleb3147, Dave7283, Mary7539, Ronald9040, Sarah5150, and Mike1493. This is what they're good at. Bill is good at planning. Luke is good with redstone. Alex is good at crafting. Joseph is good at mining. Caleb is good at farming. Dave is good at building. Mary follows orders well. Ronald is good at spying. Sarah is good at hunting. Mike is very lucky. Steve is good at going through structures without getting killed. This is where we begin our story.

Our 1st Egg!

By Joshua, the 6th grader
Finally! Our 1st egg! We've been waiting a 1/2 a year for our 1st egg, and now here it is! Unfortunately, the cold caused the egg to freeze up and form a crack, making it inedible. I don't have any idea whose it was, but I think it was the Rhodebar. I just can't wait for the next egg! I can imagine now going to the coop daily, and finding their eggs there.