Friday, September 30, 2016

Apple Tasting

By Joshua, Grade 8

Mom got 9 types of apples at the store the other day and we had all of them! I ranked them by how much I liked them.

9. Red Delicious
This one was my least favorite because it is BLAND! It is juicy and crunchy. The juice is tasteless.

8. Fuji
This one doesn't have flavor..... until the aftertaste! The aftertaste is sour.

7. Granny Smith
As soon as you bite into it you get an overpowering flavor of sour! If you like sour more then I do then it might be in a different place.

6. Golden Delicious
The sour/soft combination works well!

5. Jonagold
This is a good type of complex in both flavor and texture!

4. Jazz
This is the best tart apple of the entire bunch!

3. Pink Lady
This apple has an average apple taste with a hint of sweetness!

2. Honeycrisp
This apple would be my #1 if it were just a bit less sweet! This is SWEET!

1. Gala
This apple has the perfect amount of sweetness and the texture is the perfect softness!

Our Chickens

By Jeremiah the fifth grader

It's been a while since we showed you our Chickens so here they are. That is a Rhodebar aka ''Big Red'' in the middle, a Buckeye aka "Buckey" on the left, and a Partridge Rock on the right.
So that's what the girls look like, and if you were wondering we've had two coops so far the first one I don't have a picture of but I do have a picture of number two and here it is:
Well that's what our girls and they're snug little coop look like. (The sign on the coop says Happy Hens Live Here).

Khan Academy

By Jeremiah the sixth grader

Khan Academy Is a educational website if you use it the right way. There are multiple uses for it. They've got math from Kindergarten to 8th and up, Science & Engineering, Computing, Art & Humanities, Economics & Finance, Test prep, & Collage Admissions! Finally the avatars. You start out with the leafs and little seed things. I think the easiest  set to get is the Aqualine in order all you have to do is complete your first task, Master your first math skill,  Master three skills in math, Master ten skills in math, and Master twenty skills in math. When you get 10,000 points you unlock seedlings and a bunch of others. At 50,000 points you unlock saplings and more. At 100,000 points you unlock trees and more. At 250,000 you unlock Ultimates and epics.  

Friday, September 23, 2016

Michael Vey

By Jeremiah the 6th grader

Currently there are 6 books in the Michael Vey series. Michael Vey Prisoner of Cell 25, Michael Vey Rise of the Elgen, Michael Vey Battle of the AMPERE, Michael Vey, Hunt for Jade Dragon, Michael Vey Storm of Lightning:
Image result for Michael VeyImage result for michael vey storm of lightning 
and now Michael Vey Fall of Hades:
Image result for michael vey fall of hades
Coincidentally Storm of Lightning came out on my birthday last year! This year Fall of Hades came out two days before my birthday! I think this is my favorite book series so far and I'm so excited to read book 6!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Our first week of school

By Jeremiah the sixth grader

We just started school on Monday and this is a quick summary of what happened.
Today is our first day this year babysitting. In math I'm learning about averages and percentages. In language I'm learning about prefixes and suffixes. In History I'm learning about what happened on this earth before we got here and messed it all up! (toxic waste) In Science I'm learning about the body. I'm getting better at cursive.

Tomorrow is my Brother's B-Day Party!

By Josh, The 8th Grader

Tomorrow is Jeremiah's Nerf Themed Birthday Party and I'm excited! Why am I excited? Because I get to be the piñata! No, they will not be hitting me with sticks until I explode (piñatas, I feel sympathetic for you!). I will be running around the backyard with everybody chasing after me with Nerf guns and every time I get shot I throw candy at them (Mom says no Mega Guns for shooting me. Thank you very much Mom!) I will get to prove my athleticism over ALL OF THEM. Also, Jeremiah will open his GIANT present from me that day! It's approximately 3/4 of his size. Did I measure? No. Anyway, back to the party. There will be 6 kinds of targets (not including me), cake, cupcakes and ice cream!