Thursday, January 26, 2017

Diablo 3

By Jeremiah the 6th grader

In Diablo 3 I'm a Barbarian:

Image result for diablo 3 barbarian
Josh is a Wizard:

Image result for diablo 3 wizard

And Dad is a Crusader:

Image result for diablo 3 crusader

 (Not our Actual guys)
You can also pick a Demon Hunter:

Image result for diablo 3 demon hunter male
A Witch Doctor:

Image result for diablo 3 witch doctor
Or a Monk:

Image result for diablo 3 monk
There are 5 Acts and there are 2 bosses, per Act. One about halfway through and the other one at the end of each act. The first Act took Josh, Dad, and I 3 days to complete! However the acts get shorter as you progress on. There are 7 different kinds of Attacks. All of which have 3 - 5 kinds of attacks (you don't get all of them until Character level 64 or so) Speaking of which there are 70 Character levels. At first you level up pretty fast but once you hit 66 It's really slow.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Comparing Minecraft Skeletons to Wither Skeletons

By Jeremiah the 6th grader

You may remember my older post: Comparing Minecraft Zombies to Zombie Pigman however, this week I'm Comparing Minecraft Skeletons to Wither Skeletons
Image result for minecraft skeleton
 Image result for minecraft skeleton

                ⇧⇧⇧                                                   ⬆⬆⬆
This one is a Skeleton                          This one is a Wither Skeleton
The Skeleton can spawn in the Overworld
The Wither Skeleton can only spawn in the Nether (Unless spawned from an egg)
A Skeleton can also spawn in the Nether.
The Skeleton always spawns with a bow (rarely with Enchantments), However a Wither Skeleton always spawns with a Stone Sword with the Wither Effect (Poison)
If you can get 3 Wither Skeleton heads and 4 blocks of soul sand you can make a Wither: Image result for Wither

Friday, January 13, 2017

How to play Cribbage

By Josh, the 8th Grader

Items Required
Deck of Cards, Cribbage Board (you can use a piece of paper and tally marks but it's hard to keep track.
Amount of Players
How to Win
Be the first one to reach 121 points
How to Play
First, each player draws a card from the deck. The player with the lower card gets the first crib (we will talk about that later).
Each round consists of 4 parts

  • Drawing
  • Discarding
  • Playing
  • Scoring
Before we get into the game, I had better tell you how to score.

  • Cards that add up to 15 are worth 2 points
Ex. 8 and 7 = a 15 because 7+8=15
(Note: K, Q and J are worth 10 each and an ace is worth 1)
  • Two of a Kinds are worth 2
Ex. a 6 and a 6 is worth 2
  • Three of a Kinds are worth 6
Ex. 3 6's are worth 6

  • Four of a Kinds are worth 12
Ex. 4 6's are worth 12
(Note: 4 6's are not worth 20 because it's a four of a kind, a three of a kind and a two of a kind. They do not stack like that.)

  • Straights are worth the amount of cards in the straight
An ace, a 2, and a 3 are worth 3 combined, but a 1 and a 2 don't count as 2
  • Flushes are worth 4
Ex. An ace of hearts, a 4 of hearts, a 5 of hearts and an 8 of hearts is worth 4

  • Nibs(AKA Nobs) is worth 2
If it is your crib and the cut card (will also talk about that later) is a Jack you get 2 points

  • A GO is worth 1
Will talk about this later

  • A 31 is worth 2
Will talk about this later

OK, so now that I have told you how to score, it's time to talk about playing.

The person who's crib it is shuffles the deck. Then the other person grabs a card from the deck. This is the Cut Card. It is very important. Then the dealer deals 6 cards to each person. Make sure that your opponent does not see your cards. Now it is time for discarding.

Each player discards two cards for the crib. You are both putting cards into the crib FACE DOWN. Now it is time for playing.

The player who is not the dealer/owner of the crib plays first, then the dealer, and you both take turns placing cards until a player cannot place a card without the cumulative value of the played cards going over 31 must say "GO!" and the person who played the last card has to keep playing until he/she too can't play a card without going over 31. Then the player that played the last card gets 1 point unless the total WAS 31, if that is so then that player gets 2 points! After the point(s) has been given the total value goes down to 0 and play continues until nobody has any cards left. Now it is time for scoring

Now it is time to reveal the cards. First, we score the player who is not the dealer's hand. Then, the hand of the dealer. Then, the crib. Now, the dealer is the person who wasn't the dealer.

Play continues until someone gets to 121 points.

A skunk is a win where your opponent had 91 points or under.
A double skunk is a win where your opponent had 61 points or under.

I hope you enjoy playing cribbage!

Erectors VS Lincoln Logs

By Jeremiah the 6th grader

Lincoln Logs
  1. Highly durable (chewed on by a dog):
  2. Smell good
  3. Actually made by K'NEX
  4. Can be found almost anywhere
  1. Compact
  2. It's made by Meccano
  3. It can do things
  4. With enough pieces you can make anything you want
They both come in a variety of packs
Please vote (as a comment)which one you think is better.😊😁😀