Thursday, September 27, 2012


by Joshua

Words, word, words, lots of words.
Words are here, words are there, words are everywhere
But in the jungle there are hardly any words, same thing in the forest
So you should be glad that you speak words
Words are a big part of your life
I am so happy, very happy that all of us speak words
No matter what language you still speak words
I like words, I love words, I hope you love words word words

Friday, September 21, 2012

What kind of boy we want to be

By Mom, Joshua and Jeremiah

Each school year I have asked the boys to compile a list of words that describe the kind of boys they would like to be. We write those things on the easel in our school room/dinning room and it serves as a reminder as we go about the school year. We use it as a positive reinforcement of behavior instead of having to be so negative all of the time. These are their lists for this school year.

Very Kind
Very Smart
Gentle when needed
Pro Video Gamer

Very Fast
Super Duper Gentle
Very Big
Super Duper Healthy
Pro Video Gamer
Super Duper Smart

Friday, September 7, 2012

Great Grandma June

By Josh

Here are some of my favorite things about my Great Grandma June:

Great Grandma June makes awesome pies! Once she auctioned 1 of her pies & it sold for over $100!
She's better at gaming than I am! (I am good at gaming).
She's very very nice.
She hugs me a lot.

By Jeremiah

She made me bacon, pie and chocolate gravy.
She gave me an Iron Man
She hugs me a lot.
She played video games with me.

We love you, Grandma June!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Joel's Adventures

by Jeremiah
(typed by Mom)

  Joel built a Ferris wheel in his backyard. His Mom told him to put it back away under his very very high bed. It was almost up to the ceiling and his nose could feel the bumps on the ceiling. When his baby sister was born she tried to scream in his ear when she was hungry or poopy or when she was wet. If she spit up she would usually put it on his face. That is why he built an elevator bed so he wouldn't get spit up on. It still got on his mattress and part of his blankets. Her Mom made a roller coaster for her bed so she could say goodnight from her own bed. The baby's bed was next to Joel's bed. The next day he tried to make an invention that would blow out ice cream where everybody could have ice cream (or whatever food they wanted). This is where the adventure comes in.
  He tried to make a roller coaster that would shoot way out of the galaxy into another one or into another one he created. The one he created was full of nature. His favorite food was chicken legs. In the nature galaxy he built a rocket ship that was orange all over with red polka dots. He went back to his home galaxy. When his Mom bought him a telescope for his birthday he still saw his own galaxy that he made.

The End.


By Josh

We have been doing well in school.
We do the "with Mom" stuff when Nathaniel's quiet or asleep.
We do the "on My own" stuff  when Nathaniel's fussy or crying.
The "on My own" list is always longer then the "with Mom" list.
My favorite part of school is (as you would have guessed) math.