Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Survive Your Second Night in Minecraft

By Jeremiah the fourth grader

If you've been listening then you should have a crafting table, a furnace and a full set of stone tools. First, what you should be doing now is getting wood and making charcoal (if you were wanting to know how, just put planks on the bottom and plain on top, I prefer to put the first charcoal that I get as the next fuel and take the planks out but, do it as you wish). Make sure that you leave charcoal for torches! Next, dig deeper in a staircase manner until you hit 3 iron ore if you found coal, mine all of it, use that for cooking and smelting and use all the leftover charcoal for torches. Make a iron pick and once you have enough iron make a full  set of  iron tools and a full set of  iron armor. If its nighttime (which it probably is) make a little hidey hole, put your bed in there, sleep and BANG! You're finished with the night!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Minecraft is AWESOME!!!

A persuasive paragraph
by Jeremiah, the fourth grader

Reason 1 : The game's all blocks I mean everyone likes block. Am I right? Reason 2: Its easy to go from beginner to master. Reason 3: There's even a minecraft wiki, if you want to you can make your own thing or  you can just kick back and look stuff up (if you're okay with it, parents). If you want to play (and you're okay with it, parents), then its sort of pricey but its totally worth it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Book Report for Michael Vey 1&2

By Jeremiah the fourth grader

Author: Richard Paul Evans

The main character of the books: Michael Vey (Its on the covers of all of the books).
The setting: Idaho, California and Peru. I'm telling you this is a really good book! It's mainly recommended for 11 year old kids that's my older brother's age and yet he never even reads the first chapter of the first book even after I keep nagging him on to read it! It was even recommended for our Mom by someone! Its about a boy named Michael Vey and how Elgen (pronounced El-Jen) takes his mother but in the next book he get's her back but I don't want to give away all the surprises do I? You might think that I would have finished the series but there are 2 reasons why I haven't finished the series 1: I think they're going to make more 2: I admit it. I just started 3. This is what the books look like:
Image result for Michael VeyImage result for Michael Vey

Thursday, April 16, 2015

We have new chicks!

By Jeremiah the 4th grader

We have new chicks and I'm so happy! This is a picture of them:
Aren't they cute? They're a wellsummer and a buff orpington. Yesterday we introduced our foster mom chickens to our new chicks. Thankfully neither had the heart to peck a chick. We may take the chicks out back so that they can negotiate their business and we will only get involved if we have to. My Mom is sold on the name professor Orpington for Buffy.

Dumb Ways to Die

By Jeremiah the fourth grader
Trust me here there are some very, very dumb ways  to die. Did you know that there's actually a video game called dumb ways to die? Well here is a picture of the theme song:
I don't know how much you have to pay for it on a tablet or phone (if you have to pay for it at all ) . These are some dumb ways to die (I was supposed to make a cause and effects paragraph so all of these causes end up with death) : sticking your head in a running washer (I think your head will get torn off  and everything in it will get stained ), go swimming in a shark tank (I think you will get torn to peaces), stand in front of a speeding train (you will get flattened like a penny ).

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Comparing Minecraft Zombies to Zombie Pigman

By Jeremiah the 4th grader

This is a picture of a zombie pigman and a regular zombie:

(The one on the left is a zombie the one on the right is a zombie pigman)
There are many, many differences and similarities between the two so I'm not going to list them all off. These are some of the differences and similarities. The dreaded zombie pigman only spawns in the n...n...nether (to get to the nether you need to get at least 10 obsidian and to get a diamond pickaxe!(pick) (which needs to be mined with a iron pick.) ) The regular zombie only spawns in the place you spawn in the overworld. Once a zombie sees you (zombies can see in the dark but will burn when in the sun) it will chase you until either it kills you, it burns up or it can't see you any more. The zombie pigman: it only attacks you when you attack it and to make it even more terrifying, when a zombie pigman is wounded it calls it's comrades in a 16 block radius and they will instantly become enraged at every player on the server! They both always hold their arms out in front of them (well they're zombies). The zombie pigman has a sword. The regular zombie doesn't (very rarely a zombie will spawn with a sword!) You can actually find both types in the overworld without a nether portal. All that has to happen is for it to rain and lightning to strike 3 or 4 blocks from a pig and it will turn into a zombie pigman and all monsters can spawn in the rain (except endermen). Both can actually spawn with armor!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Raising chicks

By Jeremiah the 4th Grader

Raising chicks is actually a pretty fun job! All you need is a confined space (like a big container) inside (your garage will work), Food (you need to change as they age) and water  a heat lamp and of course the chicks themselves. If you leave chicks out of the right amount of heat for long enough then they will actually die. I know tragic but because we know that we have almost raised 7 chicks! 7!