Monday, November 17, 2014

What Our Chickens Look Like

The chickens are at the age that they might start laying. It's cold, though, so they might not. This is what our chickens look like now. 
She's pretty big even for a hen! This is our Rhodebar.
 This chicken is especially weird because it's a chicken that looks like a roadrunner. Surprisingly she's actually kind of rare. She's a Cream Legbar.
This chicken is the youngest one. We did have 4 for a while (we also had a barred rock) but it died in an accident. She's the only Orpington that we have because our other one was a rooster.

Friday, November 14, 2014

How to Earn the Pikmin Versus Stamps Easily in Nintendo Land

by Joshua, the 6th grader

Beware! These stamps are really hard to get, so it's good to know how to get them easily. One convenience is that they pretty much ranked easiest at the top, hardest at the bottom. So here you go!

Candy from a Pikmin
This stamp is for getting 10 candies from the Pikmin in 15 attacks. The knuckle seed is a huge help when trying to get this, but make sure that the Pikmin are closer then the... anything else. Another help is the hammer seed, because it causes them to lose multiple candies at once.
Clobber Olimar
This stamp is for landing 10 blows on Olimar in 1 round as Mii Pikmin. One thing to keep in mind, is that they didn't specify what time limit, so it'll be easier for you to get this one. You'll probably be able to hit him/her once before he/she starts attacking you, so grab a buddy, and start hitting him/her back and forth, over and over again! You can also use charged attacks to help also.
Rock Your Foes X5
The name is pretty self-explanatory, hit your enemies with rocks 5 times in 1 round (no, I don't mean Bulborbs and Beebs, instead I mean Mii Pikmin and Olimar!) This one can be done by getting close enough that they won't have much reaction time and throwing it, and doing it 5 times.
Incredible Comeback
This stamp is for winning, even though at one point your team was losing by 30 candies! It's hard to imagine there's one harder then this one. The easiest thing to do is to team up with somebody else, tell them what you're planning (without the player as Olimar hearing) and putting it into action! The plan would to wait until Olimar has 30 candies, then start attacking!
Pacifist Victory
This stamp is on the bottom because it's for not attacking anyone and still winning! Firstly, it's pretty much impossible to do this and win at the same time using Olimar, so don't attempt it. Also, try to get it solo as a Pikmin, and you'll be clobbered by Olimar (unless he/she is aiming for Pacifist Victory also.) So just about the only way to get this is to team up with another person, or a bunch of people, as Pikmin, and just stay behind, grabbing all the spare candy, and just hope you guys win!

Cold in WA

by Joshua, the 6th grader
I don't know how cold it is at where you live, but it's FREEZING here! Every morning we wake up to less than 20 degrees outside! Even though it's cold, we don't have any snow yet. It's so cold here, I've already gotten used to the frost covering nearly everything, all the water turned to ice (which by the way, I was able to make a stop-motion video on Nathaniel's water table.)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nerf Gun Deals at a Thrift Store

By Jeremiah the 4th Grader
Usually when we go to the thrift store I like to go to the toy section in the back of the store to see what new Nerf guns they have. These Nerf guns we got good deals on. Like the bottom right gun, on the Amazon website it costs 20 something bucks and I only paid $3 for it! The price difference for the other guns is pretty much the same. It would really really be worth your time going to your local thrift stores to look instead of paying full price on a website. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

"Minecraft Combat Handbook" Book Review

By Both Boys

(Image found here.)

Josh's View
I think this is a good book! But unfortunately about 1/2 the book talks about PVP (player versus player) on PC! But it does a good job talking about hostile mobs and good tricks to kill them, traps, and good ways to kill without losing a single heart! I also like how it talks about durability of weapons! I suggest this book to anyone who's really into Minecraft.

Jeremiah's View
I also think this is a good book! I like the sword durability table and one thing I learned from this book is that you can actually name tools and it actually shows you the different recipes for different things. I also like the defense points table for armor. I agree with my brother that I like the help in combat things. It's very useful because it teaches you how to make lots of different potions like potion of swiftness, and it also shows you tips about combat. Like Josh, I suggest this to anyone who's really into Minecraft.

Christmas Coming Up

By Joshua, the 6th grader

Well, Christmas time is coming up (after Thanksgiving, which we have 0 plans for!) At this rate I'll have about $180 to spend (if I don't use it on anything before then!) But I have no idea what to get everyone for Christmas! I have a lot of people to get presents for! Luckily, I still have a month to decide. So hopefully I've decided by then. Maybe I'll get Jeremiah (this part removed in case Jeremiah decides he wants to read this!) I'll probably be easier for them because I have less stuff on my Amazon Wish List than them (If you want to know why then it's because there will be less stuff to narrow down from.) Another reason why I'm excited is because it's supposed to be really cold this year and you (probably) know what that means! SNOW! I love snow. My mom, however, doesn't enjoy snow much. Hopefully you won't have (much) trouble finding presents for your friends and family!