Friday, April 21, 2017

Paper Airplanes

By Jeremiah the 6th grader

Paper airplanes are really fun once you get the hang of making them. Here are some simple instructions for 2 simple planes:

  1. Beginner's Plane
Step 1. Take a blank piece of paper
and fold it in half like so
Step 2. Unfold
(Make sure you can still see the first fold line)

Step 3.
Step 4. 
Step 5. Refold center fold
Step 6. Fold left wing
(make sure folded wings are level with bottom of fuselage)
Step 7. Fold right wing
Step 8. Flatten out wings
All are optional: add tape across center fold, and, or cut wind flaps on back of wings for tricks.

      2. Speedy Plane

Repeat steps 1-4
Step 1. Fold the left corner again like so
Step 2. Fold the right corner again like so
Repeat steps 5-8

P.S. I will put more planes later

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